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Kikora Franklin


"I believe art has the power to uplift, educate, heal, and transform."

-Aquila Kikora Franklin

Raves & Reviews

"Special shout out to the BRILLIANT choreography of Kikora Franklin. Get to know her work if you don't already. Like- seriously."

~Dominique Morrisseau, playwright, Blood at the Root

Blood at the Root- National Black Theatre: Institute for Action Arts, New York Premiere


"Organic, fluid choreography by Aquila Kikora Franklin adds an electric quality that exudes a frustration at individual and systemic blindness as well as the redeeming potential of youth."

~Michael Casper, Altoona Mirror, Blood at the Root review


"Kikora Franklin is one of the most prolific and versatile choreographers I've had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of dance pedagogy is unsurpassed. She is one of the founding instructors of the Mojah technique that is on its way to being known worldwide. Kikora is a master instructor, superb performer and outstanding arts advocate."

~Salondia Aveni, Executive Director, Axam Dance Theatre Experience

Arts Manager, Southwest Arts Center Performance Theater and Gallery


Thank you Kikora Franklin for what you bring to this community, to our children and women in particular. Thank you for being the vessel that continues to heal many of us through your dance therapy, direction, and purpose. I am eternally grateful."

~Lucy Ruley-Urie, parent of Roots of Life student 

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